Anyone have the Pepper wristlet...

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  1. And could take inside shots for me? I think I may have to grab it next week, she's too cute and at a good price point.
  2. ooh me 2 i am ordering it when taxes come
  3. I don't actually have it yet (My husband ordered it for my birthday), but I saw it in person at Nordstrom and it is even cuter in person than on the website!
  4. I stopped in my FP store and in Macy's, neither had them. :sad: Or at least they were not out. No Nordstorm here.

    I'm mainly just curious if it is just one big pocket on the inside, or if there are card slots or anything like that?
  5. ^^It does have an inside pocket, but not really card slots per se. Just one smaller pocket that would neatly nestle a couple credit cards and DL. Sorry I can't be of more help right now. I'm not allowed to have it until Saturday, which is my birthday. If you still haven't seen pics from someone by then, I'll take some for you. He ordered me the key fob too...Can't wait to see that one in person!
  6. Hope these pics are useful ;)

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  7. Just too cute!
  8. Super Cute does anyone know the name of the Yellow one.
  9. Lemon, but they don't have any wristlets for her, just the tote

  10. Thanks so much! What is the main material? It's hard to tell from the pictures.

    I think I may have to buy her, she is just too cute.
  11. From the desciption, I believe its coated canvas :biggrin:
  12. HI,
    My Nordstrom had them! They are very cute!! They are Coated canvas!! I was tempted to get the black one!
    One big pocket - no card slots.

    Lynne :biggrin:
  13. Nordies had them L? UGH! I was told that they didn't have them from CS on the Nordstrom website... boy what do they know!
  14. We don't have a Nordstorm :sad:
  15. Nordie definitely has them. My husband got mine at the Nordstrom in Indianapolis. Meanwhile, I saw it IRL at the Nordstrom in Novi, MI. I knew to even look because I recalled another TPF'r saying they saw them at a Nordstrom.