Anyone have the new red work??? rop....

  1. sorry, I have been out of the loop but of course Balenciaga HAD to come out with an amazing red and since I am a Work addict, was curious -- how is the leather on these?? Are they close to the 04 leathers??
  2. Esile has a BEAUTIFUL new rouge vif work bag. Check out her thread "i'm on fire" to see the pretty pictures!
  3. mammab!!!! It so good to "see" you! I just bought the rouge vif in the box style - the color is just amazing :love: I choose from three bags and I think I got the smoothest of the leathers, but there was definitely some variation between all the bags. I would say that the leather is not quite a smushy as the '04, but much better than it has been. I say get the rouge vif work - I think you'll be very happy with it :yes:
  4. Oh, yes! Esile's Rouge Vif Work is TDF!!! Absolutely stunning!:heart:
  5. thank you, beaux and pupster. :flowers:

    mammab, nice to "see" you on PF as well. i am inlove with my rouge vif work.:love: imo, it's the best color for f/w 06. i agree with smallfry, the leather is amazing. i haven't seen a rouge vif i didn't like. i would compare it to s/s 05 leather.
  6. double post.
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