anyone have the new pink charm wallets?

  1. Has anyone ordered the pink/beige monogram bill fold type wallets with the gucci charm dangling? they are available now....I love them!
  2. - I saw all the bags when I was in Paris..I bought the brown Britt tote and I meant to go back and buy a pink charm bag..but the other Gucci store in Paris didnt have the one I originally saw at the First Gucci Paris store..sniff..MUST get one...HOT COLLECTION!
  3. I saw them the other day at the Gucci store.

    Loved them!! Can't wait to get one.
  4. Does anyone have pics?
  5. Oh if you haven't seen the new collection you must go to & check out all the whole new Cruise collection! There's so many pieces that are just TDF!

  6. Oh wait, some bags have charms also? wow, I thought it was only the few wallets I had seen featured on

    lemme go look :P
  7. ^The store in Paris had the pink messenger bag with the cute..IM KICKING myself for not buying it with my Britt tote.sniff
  8. I ordered it too! But, I am not sure when they are shipping it! Congrats though!! I really need a new wallet... my Burberry wallet has taken a real beating over the last year. :roflmfao: