Anyone have the HH Clutch Wallet?

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  1. I'm looking for a new wallet -- a larger one than the one I currently have (mine's like a billfold-type wallet), that can fit in lots of cards and have a zip-coin portion as well. I saw and fell in love with these colors on my online search:


    Photos from HH website.

    Does anyone have this wallet, just wanted some feedback regarding the item? Thanks!

    Also still open to suggestions. No huge prints/logos please...
  2. I have one in olive and I just love has a lot of space for everything and my checkbook also fits...
    The grey one is one sale on the H H site for about $100 now...hth.
  3. I have the ruby clutch and it ROCKS! I know HH has the yam on sale but LunaBoston carries a lot of the colors and there is always a 20 or 25% off code floating around somewhere ( or gl!
  4. i have this in cobalt blue - and i am using it for a while now - i like it a lot - my only pet peeve with it is that the turnlock sticks out a bit too much for me - but man talk about functional - I can stuff this baby silly and still close it!
  5. I had several, now only two (since I cut the worthless pen loop out of them, can't sell them) and I really liked them initially, but I couldn't fit my checkbook in, and that finally sent me looking for something else. The pen loop is too small for a normal-sized pen, and a checkbook wouldn't fit (not mine, anyway - which is a standard sized simple leather checkbook holder, with checks and register).

    SO yes, I must say it's a terrific wallet - I'd searched high and low for something like this - it holds lots of cards, has space for change and bills/receipts, but ultimately, it displeased me for reasons mentioned above.

    Finally found my dream wallet in the Balenciaga Money Wallet; yep, they're expensive, but have been able to find good promo codes for Bluefly so haven't paid as much as expected.
  6. I've had this wallet in lead for about a month now, and I adore it. It has room for everything, plus it's so cute! I get tons of compliments on it. My mom actually loves it so much I ordered one for her too, she's so excited! Great time to get it since it's on sale!
  7. Thanks for all the replies! Was thinking about that turnlock, but it's on sale... so I may have to bite the bullet on this one!
  8. ^the turnlock was never an issue for me. In fact, I never noticed it at all, except when opening and closing, of course.
  9. I have the plum and I love it..the turnlock isn't an issue for me..the only thing is..on the back of the wallet..there is a zipper compartment that isn't very practical to use because i can never get it to open since there is a flap in the way.
  10. ^^ thanks again! You ladies are very helpful and I am grateful :biggrin: Saw these on and now I'm thinking about them as well... eek! They're on sale too!



    Mind you I'm not a "pink" person but I think these are really cute...
  11. My wallet in lead finally arrived before christmas...
    I do love it - and it is does hold everything..
    The lead is stunning - but not too squishy - and I don't know if I would have preferred that...
    Personally I like the turnlock - I like shutting the wallet with a 'click'
    It is also much bigger (wider) than I expected. I guess that is good - because that allows it too so much - but I would recommend that you measure first - to know what you are getting..

    Also - the back zipper pouch is a bit tight - so I tend to use the one inside.

    It is fantastically well made - very substantial - and will last for years (IMO) -
  12. Does anyone have one of the Margot wallets and want to give a review? Or the linen version they have at Anthropologie? I'm seriously tempted by one.

  13. ^^ the great thing about these wallets is that they have a small window on the inside. very practical!
  14. I have the HH wallet and love it. Mine is some purple that they aren't making now, beautiful leather. It is very functional and easy to get things in and out of, while keeping everything organized.
  15. it looks great, I got another one for my friend recently