Anyone have the denim baggy pm??


Got a handle on it
Nov 2, 2006
If you have one can you tell me all about it? It's the next LV I have my eye on. I have tried it on at the boutique and I adore it. My bday is in July and that is what I am wanting. So if anyone can tell me good/ bad things about it, I would appreciate it. I also like the denim speedy that roomy? Same size as the 25? :confused1:
Sep 26, 2006
I have one and love it, but...
I had the first one replaced because the zipper went from gold to silver, as this started to happen on the replacement one as well I believe my SA who said that is because of the rubbing as it is a shoulder bag. But I love it and do not care. But on the replacement the stitching is loosening on where the claps for attaching the shoulder straps are. Will have it repaired soon.

But, it is a great bag and I truly love it. It is easy to wear and I can fit in a paperback, cosmetic pouch, small agenda, wallet and keys.