Anyone have modeling pics of the Signature Stripe Tote? 10098 :D

  1. Hi everyone, I'm very new of an hour maybe??

    Well ive just been looking around, and already have found my calling here, hehe.

    I love coach purses, im only 20 so can't afford all the ones I enjoy, but I do have a small collection.

    But getting to the point, I'm loving the sig. stripe tote in black...the smaller one.

    Was just wondering if anyone had any modeling pics, like on the shoulder pics or just of the bag.:love:

    Anything would be awesome!

  2. welcome to TPF!

    hope these help...for what it's worth, this bag is soooo much prettier in person than in pictures. the stripe just glitters!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Wonderful choice. I agree with Dewey. This color combo is striking. I love it!

    Welcome to tpf. :jammin:
  4. I agree with Dewey, you can't get the full effect of this bag from pictures. I have the Brown/Bronze and the Black/Gunmetal and they are both sooooo beatiful and sparkly! Here's my not-so-good modeling pic of the Brown/Bronze:

  5. [​IMG]

    Mine is in the brown but here's a picture! And i'm 5'4 for reference.
  6. Sorry, no modeling pic, but I have the large black/gunmetal tote and these ladies are right--pictures do it no justice! You have to see it IRL to get the full "sparkle" effect. It's a great tote!!:tup:
  7. i like the chocolate/ bronze above and the brown with brick... what i hate is the thin straps... =)
  8. Thanks everyone!! Now you all got me going on the black and the brown one, hehehe.

    Well it's def a great size, I dont need a huge bag.

    Thanks again :woohoo: