Anyone have either of these, and can tell me what you think about them?

Feb 17, 2007
I am wanting a monogram schlepping around bag. I want it to be able to go cross body, and not have to work to put my things into it. (You know, a bag that everything fits, but it has to go in a specific place.) I am considering the montaigne BB, and the turenne bags. Anyone have any thoughts, I would love to know. Thanks.


Jan 22, 2016
I had the Turenne PM and sold it because the monogram wasn’t for me at the time. I now wish I had kept that bag as it was comfortable and cute. It was smaller but held enough for everyday without feeling to heavy. The Montaigne BB seems a bit more formal and the Turenne seems like more of a “schlepping” around bag IMO. I have the speedy b25 in Azur and that is my favorite bag for everyday (except when it rains, I’m not there yet with that bag). Good luck!


Mar 30, 2016
I have the turenne gm. It is my everyday bag. I love it because although it has structure it also suits my needs as a carry all...I do wear it crossbody and yes it is big but it works for me. I did change the strap to a bandolier strap which is wider and more suited for crossbody purposes...I use a bag organizer and I know exactly where everything is in my bag. I also have the black Montaigne GM and this also is a lovely bag but just not suited to everyday use...the Montaigne , for me, is more suited to business use or days when I feel I want to look more won’t go wrong with either choice. Best wishes


Apr 27, 2009
Hello fellow golden mom:smile: I had the Turenne and it is a very light weight everyday bag. I just wasn't pleased with the pull tab (not substantial and showed wear fast) and a little worried about vachetta. So I decided to sell it for a carefree bag (Pallas). I like the look of the Montaigne but can't live without a zipper. Let us know what you decide!