Anyone have Coach boots?

  1. I finally got Dh's permission to buy my first pair of Coach shoes!!!! After being in Europe and seeing the women wear those Thigh high boots...he thought they were sexy!!! And so I got his permission to buy my first pair of Coach boots!!!!! :yahoo:

    Anyone else have a pair and how much do you like them??? :yes:
  2. Wow, I wish I did....not yet!! I have a few pairs of shoes and flip flops but not the boots.
  3. I want the boots so bad!! I have to wait till next month!!! I am banned, so says hubby!!!:crybaby:
  4. every time I think of thigh highs, I think of this teenage girl I saw at the mall with thigh high white stilettos on with a denim mini and a hot pink faux fur cropped jacket on. She looked like a hooker lol. When worn right, thigh highs are hot.
  5. I have several pairs of Coach shoes & sandals, and my first pair of Coach boots, the Maxene's in Clay are on their way to me, hopefully they'll arrive this week!
  6. I agree, I would only wear thigh high boots with the low square heels I saw with a nice pair of jeans. :smile:: I am a mom, I have to look like one...not a street walker! That doesn't mean I can't be trendy though. :tup:
  7. I have the Maxene boots in clay, the Torree boots in black, and the Faith boots in black. I love them all but the Maxenes are my favorite!
  8. I have the Mackenzie snowboots from 2-3 years ago (I have GOT to look back thru my catalogs & nail down a definite year) & I LOVE them!! Not on the same level as leather boots, but they are comfy & fun!:tup:
  9. I have 2 pairs (you can see them in the link below) I like them but I really LOVE their shoes.
  10. I have the Maxene's.... they are lovely. Go for it!
  11. I have the Legacy Sara boots from last fall and they are delish!!
  12. Congrats on being able to pick up some boots! I have the Faith boots in black and *love* them...I don't think there's been a time I've worn them out and haven't received a compliment. :p
  13. I own three pairs but all of mine are winter comfy boots. I would love to get a pair of Maxenes.