Anyone have an opinion on Prada Nylon? Is it CHEAP? I'd like to hear your opinion!!

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  1. Some people say Prada Nylon is cheap, cheap-looking, and definitely not worth it. But I'll be getting my Vela Nylon duffel soon, so I'd like to hear your opinion please!!!

    Does the nylon have a thread count? Is there anything special about it? I've heard it's the same nylon used in boat sails or parachutes. I'd like to hear your unbiased opinion please!

    Specifically, I'm looking at this:
  2. I have no experience with bags, but I do own a nylon Prada cosmetics bag that I've been using every day (literally) since I got it almost 2 years ago. It has been through a lot and still looks brand new. I think you'll love the durability of Prada's nylon!
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  3. Great! Thank you very much for your response. Would you happen to have a picture of it, by any chance?
  4. I just bought a nylon Prada bag and I have to say I didn't expect it to be as nice as it actually is in person. The Pradaholics here suggested me to buy one for the bad weather but I will definitely carry it when it sun is at it's brightest. The nylon is shiny and thick, it's very soft as well and definitely it looks so much better than any nylon bag out there. Don't even compare Prada nylon bags to backpacks!!!! Pictures don't do them justice, really. What is thread count anyway?
  5. The nylon bags are really nice. I was surprised too. I don't think I would pay more than $700 for them though. But I've had mine for almost 8 years now and it still looks like new and can be wiped with a damp cloth to remove any stains.
  6. Your question is similar to another that I answered on the general handbags forum, but here goes. IMO, Prada has the best nylon handbags. I'm very impressed with the quality of Prada's nylon handbags, so I've purchased 6 nylon handbags over the years. I'm not that familiar with briefcases, messenger bags or duffles, but if I needed any of the above, I would definitely consider Prada.
    Right now, I'm traveling with a large Prada nylon handbag which is light, very durable & strong, and holds a lot.

    Styledrops has many Pradas to choose from:
    I'm currently carrying:

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  7. I have quite a few Prada nylon items ranging from small bags to tote bags to gaufres to wallets. I think Prada nylon bags are one of the hardiest, strongest bags you'll ever find. They all went through rain, thunderstorm and snow with me and they are all still in absolutely perfect condition.

    Usually I noticed that the silver or gold hardware fades out faster than the nylon itself. :lol: but that takes approximately 2 to 3 yrs to tarnish if you don't use them regularly.
    I actually prefer them to Prada leather bags which are rather "stiff" in my opinion. But Prada nylons? They are a :tup: buy!
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  8. I wouldn't call it cheap. It's very durable.
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  10. ^^ wow! that's alot of prada nylons! Love the little one with the kiss lock!
  11. I have a classic black Prada Nylon backpack in the small size that I share with my mother, and it is great quality and very lightweight. The totes are great in the nylon as well.
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  12. oh, I would like to get a tessuto bow bag but it cost more than $1000 in Singapore ... my buddy was saying it is not worth it to spend so much on a nylon bag. what do you think?
  13. Is that US $ or Sing $? I think if you can get a Prada leather bag for $1000 then you should get the leather one. But I think Prada nylon is worth it's price. It's durable and it looks luxurious. I have seen George, Gina & Lucy nylon bags (cost between 100-200 Euros), Prada nylon looks 100 times better than those. Prada nylon bags in Europe cost around 500-700 Euros, a lot cheaper than their leather bags.
  14. Hi dangerouscurve,

    it is $1000 Singapore dollar, so about $700 us dollar ... hmmm, still thinking
  15. Then I think it's worth to get a Prada nylon bag for that price. I believe a Prada nylon bag is a lifetime investment. Lol!