Anyone have a promo code for Steve Madden?

  1. I'm on the website now - ready to buy.
  2. i looked and looked a few weeks back but couldn't find any. good luck!! i bought my lalo's full price...ouch!

    i'm just curious..what are you buying? :biggrin:
  3. Those are such cute shoes!!

    PS...I love your new avator!! Too funny!! :biggrin:
  4. eep!! lucky you!!
    i thought about getting those too...they look more comfortable than the Lalos...but i was seduced by it's alikeness to the louboutins~
  5. I just got my red patent Lalo's and they are so.....cute!!!!
  6. How are they?? i haven't tried mine on yet!!
  7. i want the lalo's too (in the black patent) but they seem to be sold out everywhere.........dying for the louboutins but could never justify spending that much money on shoes :sad2:
  8. did you try the steve madden website? I saw them there. You can pre order them. They said the expected ship date is April 30th.
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