ANYONE have a pic of the MJ bowler in the 1075 size?

  1. I ordered this bag and I have only seen the 975- this gonna be ginormous..I ordered it in Black leather..not patent.
  2. also-If you have a pic of the Ursula tote in patent..I ordered it in COLA...MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!
  3. eluxury has a picture of the ursula patent hobo in green on sale-I have seen the cola color, beautiful color, some pewter in it.-

    I am returning the green one as shown in eluxury today to Saks, it is actually priced at $268 m/l plus tax, but have bought too much-did post that if anyone is interested to pm so they can purchase it as I return it, at that price, it is a bargain.
  4. ^ which bag was 268?
  5. The ursula patent hobo in green, 70% off from original price-as in the eluxury picture.-plus tax and shipping if it goes outside miami.
  6. Oh- I am getting the bowler..not the hobo!
  7. Yes, it IS big... don't have exact measurements, but am going to my Nordies tomorrow and can measure it for you. :smile:
  8. Thanks guys!
  9. Saw this combo IRL, very beautiful! Cola is the best looking color for this style, I thought it's more unique than Moss (green), Black, and Chalk/Ivory. Off looking for pictures for you. =)
    Large Ursula Bowler in Bronze

    Metallic light brown leather quilted bowler bag with gold hardware and double handles. Bag has a signature buckle on front, two slit pockets on either side, a zip fastening across the top and feet on the base. Bag is lined in beige canvas with a zip fastening internal pocket.

    The essential quilted look from Marc Jacobs. Will hold all you need for day. Can be worn in the crook of your arm or hand-held. Shown here with Marc Jacobs pants, a Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket, top and shoes.

    Width: 15.5 inches
    Height: 10
    Depth: 6.5
    index.jpg fr.jpg bk.jpg cu.jpg
  11. index.jpg fr.jpg bk.jpg cu.jpg
  12. huh?? I thought the Tote was new... (spring collection '06) and it's already on sale?! and the picture isn't patent leather?
    I'm asking because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the TOTE!!!
    (i found one on eBay, but it in Authenticate This!, but no-1 can help me... could some of you take a quick look... please!!)
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