anyone have a photo of the bowler being worn?

  1. [​IMG]
    the large one 15"x10"

    i want to get it, but i dont know if its comfortable to wear. thanks so much!!
  2. (source:
    Bronze Bowler & Cola Ursula Bowler
    bronze.jpg cola.jpg
  3. NOTE: Ursula is the name of MJ's Patent leather line
    (source: )
    Selma Blair & large Ursula Bolwer in Chalk
  4. thank you so much! do you know what the metallic & mousse color looks like??
  5. bijou: Kindda bad news....i dont know if you are petite height. if you are, you might want to pass up on the large bowler. I've tried it on, and it looked like carry-on luggage on me even when i carried it on my shoulder. i think it does look so is b/c of the fact that it is a very structured bag and the bottom base is very wide. On the other hand, slouchy bags like mj round hobo in medium (17 by 14 inches) look just right on me. Just a heads up..... :smile:
  6. If you are petite, Small Bowler would be a better choice.
    If you are regular/tall, Large Bowler would be great.
  7. Whiskey Bowler picture from Eluxury
  8. I'm somewhat tall and saw this bag IRL the other day. The handles were too thick for me to grasp comfortable in my hand, it would have to be more a wrist/arm bag. But madie is right, that bag is huge! I was going to order it but changed my mind after seeing it. I think the smaller one is a much better choice overall.