Anyone have a Kooba Parker?

  1. I'm debating between Parker in black and a Paige. Haven't picked the Paige fav. color as of yet, I love about 3 of them.

    If you have either, what do you love and not love about them??? Help me decide!!!! :confused1:
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  2. I don't have either one, but I prefer the look of the Parker.
  3. That's kind of the way I'm leaning too, but then I'm concerned that the patent will be 'out' next season and I really should spend my $$ on a bag that's timeless. 'sigh'
  4. I LOVE the parker and also the Natasha! They are available in colors that are NON patent - ink is one, shown here

    Parker - Kooba Official Store

    I think it's gorgeous.

    I like the Paige but someone mentioned how they look like tarantulas and now I can't look at one and not see that. LOL shouldn't let that stop you if you love the bag though. Lots of fans for Paige, too. I personally love it in the raisin color.
  5. Cheekers, you just helped me decide. I LOVE black Patent but thought maybe I shouldn't spend so much on one. However, I think patent is timeless and I don't care if it's not the 'it' bag next year. :yahoo:
  6. Oh, well I am glad, but FYI the ink is not patent, if that is what you are thinking. They haven't changed the wording from the patent description it seems. I do love the ink color so much though, it's got a blue tint to it from what I can see in pics. I do also love the caramel patent color so much, shown here in the Natasha:

    Natasha - Kooba Official Store

    And classic black will always be classic, too! Ahhhh, decisions ;)
  7. Good choice Grace123. I concur. ;)
  8. I got the Patent from LarSue's seller on eBay. Black patent. :yahoo:
  9. WooHoo! We want a report when it arrives! :queen:
  10. YAY! You will love it. I can't wait to see!
  11. Doin' the Happy Kooba Dance here! :wlae:
  12. Oh Man...I love that Natasha in brown. Why did you have to show me that???? LOL
    But the bag is too big for me, right? Right? No zip top, right? Just a closure flap?