Anyone have a good recipe for homemake Potato Latkes??

  1. I realize this is really a random request, but someone at my office had them the other day (from a mix) and now I've got it in my head that I want to make them from scratch. Anybody have any good recipes for them?
  2. I'd be interested as well. Whenever I've tried to make them, the potato shreds turn green. :sad::lol:
  3. Oh I have the best best bestest receipe - I have to find it - it's up in my cupboard somewhere. It's quite drawn-out but VERY well worth it. I will look for it tomorrow...

    In the meantime, you have to keep your shredded potatoes in a large cold bowl of water to keep them from turning. The minute the white hits the air, the sugar changes the color....
  4. Got a really simple one, my gran used to make it

    Grate approx 2 lbs of potatoes, soak in cold water to remove the starch, squeeze potatoes dry add 2 beaten eggs, salt, peper and fry in hot oil.

    yummy and really fattening.
  5. ^ Oh that sounds sooooo good.