Anyone have a Franck Muller watch?

  1. What style do you have? How do you like it? I'm saving to buy another watch. I'm trying to decide between the FM w/diamond around the face or the steel rolex w/diamonds.
  2. Here's mine, but it doesn't have diamonds....Hope you don't mind. :p

    Rose Gold Franck MullerTFS.jpg

    It's a Rose Gold Cintree Curvex, 2852 Men's Size, and hence has an Automatic movement. I like BIG Watches so I find this very versatile, and tend to wear it really often.
    I can always change the watch straps to match whatever outfit I am wearing that day. ;)

    If I were to consider a diamond version, I'd be looking at the Master Square as well:


    But the Master Square has less choices in terms of size, and the price difference for it's Auto Movement vs Quartz is much more significant! :push:

    Have you considered Cartier instead of Rolex? I find that Cartier, Franck Muller and Chopard's Diamond Watches tend to have more BLING on them. But it's a matter of personal preference.
  3. I already have a cartier for an everyday watch. The two watches I saw (one FM & one rolex) are actually not that bling it just has one simple row of diamonds around the face. It's for when I go out etc.
  4. Very nice watch!
  5. Thanks very much Leelee!
  6. once i make it big, i will buy myself a Franck Muller in rose gold preferably. I think those are the BEST AND MOST AMAZING WATCHES. I LOVE THEM.

    congrats on yours, accessorize*me!
    it looks wonderful.
  7. Thanks Clearstatic! That's so nice of you to say!
  8. i love the franck muller master square!
  9. i like the master sqaure also. i also like the long island, 1000 sc. the whole collection is on his website, there's a lot of really nice ones on there!
  10. the master square is hot!
  11. Forget the Franck Muller.... Rolex is much better...
    Basically a Franck Muller is an ETA movement (like Tag, Omega) with a very fancy dial and case....

    Franck Muller has absolutely no investment potential..... Franck Muller himself is a drug addict who sold the watch business to the Russian Mafia.....

    Do a google search for Franck Muller+hookers+drugs
    The truth will be revealed.
  12. OR SEE WIKI .....
    Franck Muller has been in the heart of a huge legal issue, concerning the founder, M. Muller, and his associate, Vartan Sirmakes. Mutual accusations, concerning fictive employees, tax evasion, and even drug use have tarnished Franck Muller's reputation.
    Also, a persistent rumor has stated that Franck Muller ordered a batch of 10.000 Russian chronograph movements, some of which found their way into regular production watches. At the time, Franck Muller stated that they had indeed bought a batch of movements, but only for R&D needs.
    Lately, M. Muller and M. Sirmakes finally reached a financial agreement, and all accusations were withdrawn.
  13. ALSO FROM WIKI...... (btw - ETA is the movment of choice for swatch, tag, longiness.... and other lower end swiss brands.....)

    Many of the world premieres from Franck Muller are patented. It is important to know that all Franck Muller watches are mechanical, having either a manual or self-winding movements. That said, it is important to note that some of their watches use movements based on standard ETA calibers, refinished or not.
  14. mmm,out of interest I did some searches,found a Heimlich Mueller???He tested drugs on the CIA?? Amazing how watchmakers move in such odd circles.

    The Franck Muller I was trained on when we started stocking his watches came from about the best background you could want in a watchmaker.
    The fact that he used to add complications to complicated Patek Phillipes watches,is nothing short of the best pedigree you can get.

    So aside from unsubstantiated vitrol,and exhaustive looking I cannot find anything other than his watches are indeed very sought after in the pre-owned sector.Maybe he would'nt give you a watch free gratis,and it ticked you off??

    Maybe just stick with the Pateks you own,and pray he did'nt touch them eh???
  15. are u guys serious? i have about 8 or 9 frank mullers... i was told he was one of the best watchmakers in the world.... in terms of the movements etc... i also seem to prefer wearing my f.m's to my rolexes or cartiers... and i am thinking of another frank muller but this is scarying me~! especially the investment potential bit! i have a full diamond encrusted longisland in rose gold and was told that despite its price tag, its a good investment :S