Anyone have a epi wallet?

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  1. How do they hold up overtime?

    I was thinking of getting a black epi wallet. I would match everything (other brand purses that I carry).

    I never hear anyone talking about epi wallets much. Just curious.

  2. I like the idea of an epi wallet, I have some epi accessories and I really like how they hold up. I have the pocket organizer which I use as a small wallet and the pochette cles. Just keep in mind that they tend to be a little more stiff than the canvas. What style are you thinking about, the koala is awesome!
  3. Oh I've never seen the koala in epi I don't think. I was thinking of the PTI wallet. only cuz I saw a good priced used
  4. I have the small epi wallet in mandarin, and I'm not too happy with how it has worn. All of the edges are peeling to reveal a brownish color underneath the mandarin. I'm pretty careful with it, and it's been doing this since about a month or two after I bought it.

  5. Oh really. :sad:
    Do you think that the wear is specific to the mandarin color or the epi leather all together?
  6. my epi accessories are the mandarin color and I have not had that problem, I would have brought it back to Louis, maybe they were having some issues with that wallet.......I don't think anything is going to wear better than the canvas, lets face it, it's canvas.....but if you are looking for a solid color leather wallet, I think the epi is the way to go, and the black is especially easy to keep looking good I think....
  7. So in everyones opinion how much is reasonable to spend on a used one? They retail for $530.

    I would NEVER pay that much retail for an epi wallet:upsidedown:
  8. i think an EPI wallet would be great!!! my bf's sister has a red one and shes had it for afew years now and it still looks great!
  9. I bought a used epi wallet (french purse) and it has the same problem. The edges get worn. I bought it used though, so I don't know how much the previous owner used/abued it. :graucho: I paid $100, but the wallet was pretty well worn.
  10. I really don't have much input on the used thing, never ventured into that, but I know I wouldn't feel comfortable with it being too cheep b/c I would question authenticity or how badly worn out....and wouldn't pay more than 3/4 of the full retail price for a used item, at that point I'd rather just buy new....
  11. I purchased my black Epi - PTI brand new & love it. I have had no problems with it wearing at all and it is over a year old. I do have have several other LV wallets that I rotate occasaionally.
  12. I have the black epi compact wallet and mandarin wallet, bought them both last year. The black one looks brand new, the mandarin one is perfect except for some dirty marks in the coin pocket. I get so many compliments with the mandarin one but I think the black one will show less wear and tear over the years. I love both though, as I got them to match my bags. I think the compact wallet holds more than the regular one as well. Also, I've spilled drinks on both and both are unscathed! I love the epi leather collection!
  13. I ordered the epi red one because I just love the color.
  14. My friend has an Epi wallet for almost 2 years and it looks great!
  15. I bought a yellow epi continental wallet 4 or 5 years ago and used it only for a few months until the corners got little rubs on it that looked black. IMO all the light colored epi will get this because the corners are more delicate. Also the snap on the continental and the french purse will get some rubs to with handling. It's pretty darn annoying but they're such beautiful items!