Anyone have a Empreinte compact curieuse wallet?

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  1. I'm looking for a compact wallet, and really want to avoid getting another canvas wallet.
    Anyone have this wallet?
    Do you like it?
    Pros and cons?
  2. I am curious too. I love the Orient color and Jaipur
  3. it is absolutly amazing
    it is my next purchase as I tryed it so many times
    and found it to be perfect
    there was a reveal and review on it last week
  4. I have it in the larger size and love it! There is no comparison between the empirente and the canvas.
  5. I also have the full size Curieuse and love it! I did compare it to the compact one when I purchased it, and found the compact too small for my needs. I also really like the removable coin pouch in the full size version. HTH!
  6. I do have the full size version too and I absolutely adore it!!! 😍