Anyone have a card they dont need? :)

  1. Hiya! Does anyone want to be so kind to give me their pce card if they're not using it? :p Please PM me! :yes: Thanks!
  2. Oh, and me too! Thanks in advance for your generosity... :smile:

    So many tPFers have been so kind to give away their cards... :heart:
  3. me three:blush:, I'll send it back I just need to buy two items, thank you in advance.:biggrin:
  4. Ladies, if you're okay with phone orders, you should call the Coach in Christiana Mall. It's in Delaware, but they'll let you have the discount.
  5. Get one on eBay. I got my for $6.50 with free shipping!:yahoo::yahoo::wlae::wlae:
  6. I tossed my card because I was not going to use it. I received a call yesterday and was told you did not need one. Your name should be in their PC database.