Anyone have a bucket?

  1. How do you like it? Does the open top bother you? Is the shape awkward? Is it easy to get in and out of?? :shrugs:

  2. I have the small and just ordered a Large bucket...

    Its easy to get into and out did take me awhile to get used to the feeling of the bottom of the bag next to my side b/c of the round shape...but soon it became a favorite.....
    I just ordered a large bucket also due to the look of the larger bucket being so unique....:yes:
  3. The stiff base bothers me... It looks like it'll bump into everything.
  4. I have the Damier Marais and I love it! The open top actually closes up against your body when you wear it on the shoulder. I find the shape to be easy to get in and out of - not awkward at all. Some ladies don't like that if you tilt your bag, things would spill out. I usually never close the zippers on my bags anyways and have never had a problem with things falling out.
  5. For me the bucket is better than my other bags that have a long base like the chelsea when it comes to bumping into...just my experience....:smile:
  6. My mom doesn't either...
  7. i surely hv one..but i hvnt started using it yet...! i wonder how it feels against my side...when i tried it on it felt pretty comfortable..
  8. Thank you for your post, I've been thinking about getting this but wasn't sure I'd like it.
  9. I love my large Bucket :love:
    IMO, it's casual for everyday use :yes:
    Both the open top and round shape arent problems at all :smile:
    Try it and then you will love it :heart:
  10. I disliked the bucket until I actually tried one on!:nuts: Now I LOVE it!!! I always thought the things will fall out if the bag tips or whatever but so far so good! I like the fact that it can be hand held as well as the shoulder bag. Same thing happened with the noe!:wtf::graucho:
  11. I have the petite bucket and I love it! It is really comfortable, like everyone pointed out, the top closes b/c it is squished under your arm. It's also really convenient b/c you can just reach in and grab your stuff. It's a really cute bag!
  12. I have a petite bucket and I love it. The open top doesn't bother me because it closes when I wear it on my shoulder. It's a very comfortable everyday bag.
  13. Hi! I have the Petit bucket in Mono and I love it. The opening is quite useful, everything is easily accessible. Plus it is such a classical shape. I had the large but thought it look too big for me. So I sold it, now I regret it and plan to buy another.hehe
  14. I love my petite bucket. Like everyone says, it does stay closed under your arm. It fits alot too. I can put my camera, cell phone, water bottle, makeup bag and small agenda in it. The shape of the bottom of my bag has never bothered me and I like how it has studded feet on the bottom so you can set it down and not worry about getting anything on it.
  15. Do you find that all your stuff goes to the bottom and the top is wasted space or not?:nuts: