anyone has this lovely purse?

  1. crazy4pursethat's the new ball bag and I have it in fact, I got it from BF. It's one of my favorite styles. It's a good size and sits well on the shoulder. There's a removable pouch inside big enough to hold a wallet, check book, etc and there's a dog lease type closure in the center. If I'm concerned about security I use the pouch for my valuables then close the lease and there's no way someone can lift the pouch out. I think the red is TDF...go for it!
  2. it retails for $ 2350 so the BF one is a better deal. and the carmino (red) color is TDF
  3. Thank you for all the info! I don't own any BV yet but this red is just georgous. I am hoping to find a BF discount code so I can get a better deal. Praying nobody will snatch it for now.
  4. It's still there, did you get it, I love the ball and the carmino is simply TDF!
  5. It is gone!! I was waiting on a discount code and somebody bought it already. Wonder if it was bought by a TPFer...would love to see modeling pictures~ Guess I will just have to wait....:sad: