anyone has the new dentelle scarf?

  1. i want it!! is gorgeous!
    tomorrow i'll be in Venice, so i'll go to LV to check out new items (ivory, dentelle etc..)
    anyone has pics of it IRL? thank youuu!!:heart:
  2. Probably be the only Dentelle I ever get & since I'm gonna try that 1 year ban, I will only get it if I trade for it!

  3. LOL, you are soooo brave!! i couldn't resist from buying it!:graucho::p
  4. I saw the scarf online, it's so cute. I hope you get it so we can drool over it.
  5. Yeah- this means I will see pics of the dentelle scarf tomorrow after you buy it!
  6. I can't wait to see some pictures!!!
  7. Yeah it is a lovely scarf.
  8. what!?!?! there is a dentelle scarf
    must get to LV soon!
    thank you sooo much!
  9. I just got it today it looks a little blurry in pics but it's crisper IRL
    Dentelle Scarf.jpg Dentelle Scarf 1.jpg
  10. i don't have it BUT i want it.. it's the only thing i really like in the dentelle line!
  11. Label Addict...can you tell me how much the scarf retails for please! :flowers:
  12. Label Addict, what a beauty!!:drool:
  13. It was £130 (very approx $254)
  14. gorgeous dentelle scarf.
  15. Lovely scarf .. it is STUNNING:heart: