Anyone got the AC Violet?

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  1. I'm so inlove with this color right now!! I hope it comes in the Mini City..:yahoo:

    Anyone bought it yet? Is the color in real life this vibrant?:nuts:

  2. I got one for my birthday but it is not for a few more weeks so hubby is making me keep it in the box:yahoo:. It is GORGEOUS and I can hardly wait to take her out. I saw that on winknyc they are already back-ordered. They do make it in the mini city size though.
  3. I love the color. I would totally buy another City tote if I can find one on sale. Looks like I will have to wait until after summer and get one on sale for next spring.
  4. They just had a code that was good for 20% off. It may still be valid but I am not sure. It was INSTYLE08
  5. i just cant do it - i paid 210 for my bronze city, i need a miracle sale!