Anyone got a spy croc yet?

  1. hi there, newbie here! well to the fendi forum, normally in LV. Anyway i have a spy just black with braided handles:love: and ive noticed crocodile ones on eBay:love: am in love! i have not seen one IRL, never any at selfridges so i was wondering if any tPFs have one? If so would you please post pics?

  2. Hello and welcome, the ones on eBay are fake. I think these retail for a lot of money, I saw a price somewhere and I think it was about £10,000. The best place to see LE spys is Fendi Sloane St in London.
  3. WTH!!!! I thought that it wasnt really crocodile? It was just leather to look like crocodile?!!!
    AHhh i would never buy real cocodile! Thats horrible!!!
    Oh well! They just look so lovely on eBay! =(
  4. ooh- croc sounds lovely! I've never seen one in person before....