Anyone get the Toki sneakers?

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  1. I saw pics of the blue online and read that they have black too. Didn't know if it was something I should check out. Anyone have them? Are they cute?:shrugs:
  2. they are cute but i rather spend my $$$ on future prints purses. They are $110 a pair, which is not cheap.
  3. can you provide a link to them?
  4. I cannot find the sneakers at any stores or online stores! I saw them on eBay but for like 169 plus shipping and they werent my size either! :cursing: I really want them! That and the highheels 2! I wonder if japanla has them? If you guys know where to find them, please let me know. I need a size 6 or 6.5max! Thanks!
  5. I'm not a big sneaker fan. All of my shoes are girly girl!:cutesy: I like the sneakers but I might not ever wear them so I'm probably not gonna get them.
  6. Has anyone been to the Fornarino store in LA??? I think I may have to go on a mission tomorrow...:ninja:
  7. Heres a blue one size 6!!
  8. whoa! they make shoes?! cooooool
  9. thanks for the link! :yes:

    They certainly are cute, but i think they are too expensive.
  10. i'm not a fan of the sneakers and for $110, I rather save for a new print too!
  11. i think they're cute, but i know i wouldn't wear. so no matter how much i love tokidoki, i won't be owning a pair of the shoes...
  12. i might consider it. i wouldn't wear them tho... they might just be an addition to my collection to put on display... haven't decided tho
  13. I know! I hate people that try to take all your money only for shipping! I hate it!!! And she has seriously overpriced the shoes.