Anyone get a NM postcard...?

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  1. I got a postcard in the mail today telling me that my whiskey paddington will be delayed due to the vendor delaying shipment. My friend who is a NM addict explained to me that I have to call them and let them know I want it still, in order for the paddington to ship. Anyone else receive this postcard?
  2. NO!!!! I didn't receive one....I know I will get scr---d now cause I am in Canada!! I am now seeking another way!...just in case
  3. No haven't received one yet, hopefully I won't!
  4. I just spoke to them and they let me know that my ivory paddington is delayed as well. They told me that they will receive the shipment mid Feb.(later than they expected), but I SHOULD still receive it by Feb. 22.
  5. O.K., that's good!:P
  6. Did not mean to dampen everyone's spirit. but when i got something like that from NM, it usually means 98% of the time i won't be able to get the things i ordered. :cry:

    Hopefully everyone will get what you all ordered.
  7. Yes, I rec'd the post card too; I am not happy. I do hope nothing goes wrong I really want that bag.:sad2:
  8. oh, how sad! Hopefully you guys get it soon!
  9. Keep us posted.
  10. I got one this week, but for my Kooba bag. It said response was more than they had anticipated. :wacko:

    I was sooo pissed, I ordered mine back during the first week of November! I called the number, and luckily NM told me that it had already been shipped and gave me a tracking number. whew! :P

    Now all I have to do is wait to get it....and see if they indeed changed the lining to lavendar satin. If that is the case, it's going right back. I wanted a suede lining, dammit! :sad: