anyone fancy a "downpour" Hermes?

  1. thank you for visiting this thread...I do have a shallow tale of woe!
    It is pouring summer rain.
    I will be wearing my classic burberry khaki-ish raincoat to work this morning...

    (i try to ignore the plaid in the hood and on cuffs..not my cup of tea)

    I am a bit tired of my longchamps, goyards, etc.
    GP does fab but it is too open for many raindrops.
    I do NOT want to buy a burberry plaid rain tote!!!!!

    I would buy a B rain tote if it was solid (Hermes gods & goddesses, please forgive me) with no signs of plaid.

    I do not want to carry my courcheval gold kelly in the rain, altho my friend carries her courcheval birkin in the rain all the time.

    My palette for apparel is usually white (lab coat) and ballet flats.

    Is it hopeless????:crybaby::crybaby:

    thank you,
  2. ^^^Carry it!!!! I've taken togo, buffle gala, barenia, and a little chevre accessory (not quite ready to go for a bag, the spine is not so obvious in the accessories) and haven't had a problem. Be careful with barenia, though, if it's dry it will spot, though the spot will blend in with time. Epsom shouldn't be a problem.
  3. Perhaps you could find a good condition used courcheval or other rain sturdy Birkin, archangel - if it has rain resistent leather, and if its cost was lower and it was already "broken in", maybe you wouldn't mind it getting wet?
  4. archangel, what about togo? It's pretty rain friendly although I've "heard" it's not as easy to order right now.

    Katel's advice about an already broken in ( but still beautiful ) Birkin is a great idea.

    You would have everyone wanting the latest look:

    Lab coat and Birkin! ( said to be funny, but completely serious at the same time:smile:)
  5. oh thank you hermesgroupie, katel and isus!
    experiencing a tizzy of a ballooning funk lately, which i am not battling made me smile.
    thank you.

    thankfully, storms don't ever last, not even the ones that come into our lives!
    angie xoxo
  6. Angie, I carried my potiron GPT today but made sure to snap the top shut. Everything inside was fine (although I was soaking wet without a raincoat or umbrella). Chevre also does very well in the rain.

    Keep dry!
  7. It is very miserable here in NJ today, Angie!! Well, I am taking my togo Kelly out in her raincoat. It always draws amused glances from people and brings a smile to my face, feels like I am toting around a pampered pet! So, take your Kelly but take her raincoat too to bring humor to this miserable day.:heart::heart:
  8. It's coming down hard over here, too.
  9. yes, I associate rain now with "no box leather day"
  10. Angie, I got caught with my fjord in a downpour and the water just dripped right off of her. She still looks like new! Go for a fjord!
  11. Definitely pouring rain here as well today, so I sympathize!
  12. angie, It's rainning here on and off the bag that I can carry is the clemence massai. It works very well, I don't baby it at all, sometimes I don't wipe off the rain (drizzle). Clemence, Togo, Fjord?
  13. My "Rainy Day" bags are my Togo and my Clemence Birkins and my Clemence Kelly. How about a little something in these leathers, Angie? NOTHING seems to bother these babies......

    (and it's pretty crappy weather on this coast today, too........)
  14. That's my problem right now...I have no rainy day bags. I think the Picotin is too open (unless I use an umbrella I guess). This is why I was thinking of a Damier Speedy. Or I'm also thinking of a Longchamp tote to get me by for now while I save for my Clemence Kelly. ;)
  15. Ugh - it's awful here, today. At least it's not hot so I won't melt in my rain boots. I don't have any H bags to ruin in the rain yet :nogood: but my standard rain bags are my Goyard bags and LV Epi.