anyone familiar with the Panda Line?

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  1. What are all the pieces of Panda made my LV?
    The Pochette
    The keychain/extender cles....

    what else was made?
  2. Ronde cles, trotteur, agenda, billfold wallet, vavin...I'm not sure of the official names, but those are the ones I can think of. There may be more items too.
  3. The hard jewelry case! Also a scarf.
  4. Vavin PM,jewelry box,porte billets CC, Porte monnaiae zippe,hairclip BOBO,
  5. Awww... what i'd do for the panda vavin pm. Sooooo cute!!
  6. heart everything in the panda line!!
  7. Panda butt is so cute!
  8. awesome posts! thanks! now im researching each piece to see what they look like. I WANT PANDA!

  9. LOL Yeah it is!:nuts:
  10. FYI: If you are in the states there are some pieces still lying around!
  11. *crosses fingers in hopes that there is still a Panda Porte Monnaie Rond out there*
  12. Well, that is one thing I don't think there is but you should definaltey try anyway! I know someone said there was an agenda out there and I recently got the pouchette and so have several others!
  13. this is exactly what i love about panda :love:
  14. Agenda PM
    Pochette Accessoire
    Porte monnaie zippe
  15. lets hope!