Anyone familiar with Lanvin Bags?

  1. Hi,

    I'm hoping you guys will be able to help. I've come across a Lanvin Kentucky bag online, and LOVE the style, but I"m curious there is Kansas style as well--which seems very similar, and I'm wondering if anyone has seen these in person and can give me some info?

  2. Hi - I am. I have the Lanvin Kansas bag in black with the chain strap that I bought at Barneys about six months ago. I love it. I did not go with the Kentucky because I thought it was a little trendier - that bag is alot deeper, more of the trend of the bigger bags . I love the look of it though.

    Yesterday I was shopping at Barneys, and I tell you so many women were carrying the Kentucky bags. Barneys I think has pics of both on their website.

  3. Hi,

    COuld you please give me the measurements?? :smile:

    I might go with the Kansas, since I'm 5'3. Is there anyway you would be able to post a pic?? :smile: :smile: