Anyone familiar with Emu boots?

  1. I guess they're supposed to be similar to Uggs, and they look almost identical. I was reading some reviews and everyone said they were as good, if not better, than Uggs. I'm wondering if any of you have these and how do you like them, how do they hold up, etc. TIA
  2. I had a pair... don't think they're anywhere near as warm as uggs. I am REALLY sensitive to cold and could NEVER go out in my emus without socks like I can in my uggs. The uggs are much softer, too. My emus got all nappy really quickly.

    I've tried pretty much every brand because I refused to believe that Uggs were the best- they were outta my price range while I was in college and I don't think they're cute. I finally gave in... and I'm pretty glad I did. I finally have a pair of boots that I don't feel like the wind is blowing through.

    But if you're only looking for something based on looks, they are probably great. The outsides of mine held up for more than a year. I just needed something a little more heavy duty. My sisters have emus in a couple colors, but they only need to walk from the car to school, etc.
  3. I have heard this too, but have never seen any in stores.
  4. Thanks for the response. I normally wear my Uggs without socks and I get cold pretty easily so maybe the Emu's are not for me. The pair I was looking at are about half the price of Uggs, plus you can't find uggs anywhere right now, so I thought I might try them out. But I'm also a stay-at-home-mom so I'm home most of the time and the most walking I do is at the mall or the grocery store. I'm not sure, lol.
  5. I've never seen them in a store IRL, but I was looking at macy' and when I typed in Uggs the Emus came up with a message saying to check them out if you liked Uggs. Before that I had never even heard of them.
  6. i actually have two pairs (though I don't have, nor have tried on, any Uggs), both Hi in Brown and Grey. I find them quite comfy and cute, and as you mentioned, much more reasonable than Uggs. I bought mine from Tillys or REI

    On the Tilly's website, they update the items throughout the day. In the morning, there is a wide selection.

    I have been wearing them without socks almost everyday since I received them in the mail. I also have not seen them in the stores, but I wouldn't let that steer you away from purchasing these great boots.
  7. My friend has a pair of Emu and after wearing them excessively, they look awful.
  8. I'll have to check these sites out, thanks!
  9. I'm not surprised that they don't hold up as well, but if I get a pair it will only be to get me through the next few months until I can find a pair of Uggs for next year. And I'll be smarter and buy them early like I should have this year.
  10. I had a pair of Emus a long time ago and I really liked them. Of course I live in CA where it really doesn't get that cold. It was also before I ever bought Uggs so I couldn't really compare. I do recall that I really liked them, they kept my feet warm and I thought they looked pretty much like Uggs do, kinda funny!
  11. Yeah I think my problem is I'm from upstate new york! haha
  12. I'm sad to hear some of the negative reviews on Emu, although I pretty much assumed since it was an Ugg wannabe, lol.

    I want these so bad, but I'm so torn since it might not be worth it:
  13. ^^ those are very cute!

    they actually may hold up well. so, i bought 2 pairs of emu boots -- one from Tilly's and then a newer version from Macy's. The earlier pair didn't really hold up well, but my newer pair (which seems to look pretty close to identical to your picture) seem to be doing well so far.

    if you love them, go for it! i would only get them if they were on sale for a really great price (...just in case).

  14. I had a pair and they are not nearly as good as uggs.

    Let me tell you why

    1) Uggs are super soft on the outisde. Emu's are not.
    2) Uggs stretch out a lot, Emus stretch even more
    3) Uggs have a better sole, Emus have a weird sole.
    4) Uggs are fluffier and warmer on the inside, and you can fold them over. Emus are not as comfortable on the inside and they can't be folded over because of the bad fabric.

    I had Emus because where I live uggs were $300+ at one point.
    After the Emus stretched out and were so horrible, I finally bought uggs.

    If you buy emus you won't be satisfied.
    I've had my chesnut uggs for almost 5 years and have worn them so much and they are still awesome.

    My emus were in the garbage after 6 months.
  15. Vinyl, if you love this style check out Love from Australia - this shoe is clearly inspired by their Nomad boot (but they also do lots of other similar styles)... I never had Emus but have both Uggs and LFA Nomads, and can recommend them both! The two brands are more pricey but definitely worth it!
    Actually, check out NAP for the Love from Australia ones - I think they might have gone on sale now... :smile: