Anyone eyeing the Oskar Waltz on Let-trade

  1. FYI: he has it listed on e-bay for $1K cheaper than his site! $5,999 Good deal since it's BRAND NEW!!:nuts:
  2. Why don't you buy it? :graucho:
  3. Yes, I've been eyeing that bag real hard but I'm also trying to see if my money tree will grow taller within a few days. :Push:
  4. Oh I´ve been eyeing it alright:nuts: I don´t have that kind of money unfortunately.
  5. Its a gorgeous bag I would have to grow an additional 5 inches so that the bag doesn't look like its carrying me.:flowers:
  6. I wish! It's gorgeous.
  7. I WISH.......PHH would have me institutionalized if I spent that much on ONE bag..ROFL
  8. I wish.
  9. Oh.. I wish!
  10. If I was much taller...and had a much bigger wallet too...
  11. Eyeing it but thats about it. the bag is 2df!
  12. I'm SOOO surprised that its still there.:shrugs:

    Mine is on the way and I am so excited. :P

    The one thing about let-trade's that would concern me is how much one would have to pay in customs. I've recently read some stories about hefty bills.
  13. ive been eyeing it every chance im online. its just so gorgeous, im hoping i could be the owner of such a wonderful bag. :smile: