Anyone Ever Try Unpasteurized Vinegar?

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  1. I'm looking at Eden Foods Red Wine Vinegar online because I couldn't find any unpasteurized vinegar at Trader Joes or Whole foods. Anyone ever try this? The main reason I want unpasteurized vinegar is to get the mother piece from the bottle so I can start making my own wine vinegar. It's supposed to be intact in this brand.
  2. wow. you should start a cooking forum. LOL. kidding.
    i wish i did.. normally i use alot of balsamic but thats it.
    sorry im no help.
  3. I haven't tried it, but I've heard of Eden brand. It's a big thing in Hollyweird right now to drink shots of unpasteurized vinegar everyday. It's supposed to have great health benefits :shrugs:
  4. I have unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. The brand is Spectrum and I bought it at Publix (which might only be in FL, I think). It's really cloudy but I don't think it has a mother piece, although I'm not sure what that is too be honest. I've also seen unpasteurized at Wild Oats.
  5. A mother piece looks like a glob of plastic in a vinegar jar but it's actually a string of proteins called an acetobacter that converts alcohol into vinegar. You can buy them online for about $12 or you can get one for free in a bottle of unpasteurized vinegar. Someone who already has one can give you a piece of theirs. It's like sourdough bread starter or yogurt starter. You can get a mother piece from wine vinegar and use it to make cider vinegar, it works the same on any liquid. We want to use leftover red wine to make our own vinegars.