Anyone ever ordered from Bluefly?

  1. Has anyone ever ordered from this company?
  2. Yes, many times. Most times I am very pleased, a couple times perturbed me (like it took 2 months to credit me for a return once). But they have some great prices and I use it as a shopping alternative.
  3. Oh, good.

    I guess things can happen, but if it takes time to get an order or money back more than once or twice I'm not too keen on shopping there.

    How long did it take you to get your stuff?
  4. My first order with Bluefly was processed very quickly and shipped out the next day via 2-day service. Very impressive. My second order, however, took a few days to process but was also shipped via 2-day service. I ended up returning my first order using their DHL prepaid label which was credited back to my credit card immediately after they received it (I believe it was the next day?). I would definitely recommend Bluefly to others...
  5. My order shipped within a day or two.
  6. Thanks so much all of you!

    Feel much better about ordering from someone when others have tried it (heard about too many that never see their stuff)
  7. Yes yes!! I :heart: Bluefly and they have great customer service and prices!!
  8. I have mixed experiences with Bluefly. I have ordered and received several great pairs of shoes, and a wonderful tie for the DH, YAY! I ordered one bag and it was fake, BOO!
  9. What?!
    They sell fake bags??!!! :shocked:
  10. They don't sell fakes, but they had a problem a while back where they unknowingly sold a batch of fake Balenciagas and Chloes. I don't think there's been any problem with fakes since. If you search the forums, you can probably find some threads about the fake problem.

  11. To me its very strange that a serious company can "unknowingly" sell fake bags.
    If they order their bags from someone else than the company itself or their representatives they are clearly fake
  12. Didn't know they had fakes sold! ACK!

    Otherwise, my personal experience with Bluefly has always been great, and their customer service is quite good, too.

    I would definitely recommend shopping there. What are the websites we should all look out for as sites where you don't receive your stuff? We should post a listing somewhere (does this already exist?).