Anyone Ever Go Parasailing?????

  1. So I just got back from a really relaxing trip to Aruba..ONLY to rebook ANOTHER trip there in 3 weeks(I leave April 10!!) ..LOL.Im taking my 10 yr old this time and staying at a family friendly hotel.They have parasailing there.ALWAYS wanted to try it.....Is it worth it?
    anyone done it????
    Im kinda afraid of heights:push: ....but dying to try it anyway..heehee..LMK if you have done it and how it was!

  2. I've never done it, but you totally should do it! It looks like a whole lotta fun!
  3. My tip, don't go parasailing on a windy day. You stay up there suspended and the boat does'nt move=very boring.

    As for the heights issue, I'm normally afraid too but with such a huge body of water underneath, I'm far less scared than without it. Go for it!
  4. I've always wanted to try it! :biggrin: It looks like alot of fun.
  5. I have done it, and it was really fun!! I am not a big thrill-seeker, but it wasn't too scary!! My son (who was 7 at the time) also did it and LOVED it!!! Have fun!!
  6. i did it in Florida last year. It's fun, but not scary at all. You feel like you're floating on top of everything, and you never feel that roller coaster sensation when you come down. Definitely try it!
  7. I wanted to do it, but I had to check with my orthopedist first.

    I had a spinal fusion, and I knew from the beginning he said no skydiving, so I wanted to know what he thought about it.

    He said proceed with caution, which secretly means 'no.'

    I swam with dolphins instead.

    All I'm saying is that be careful if you've had any major surgeries.
  8. Yes, yes, yes, it's awesome!

    I did it with DH on our honeymoon, we sat side by side 800' in the air, it wasn't scary at all, it was surprisingly quiet and peaceful up there (I thought I would hear the boat motor, but didn't), with a gorgeous view of Maui.

    I highly recommend doing it!
  9. I REALLY want to do this. When were were in Cabo San Lucas I tried to convince my SO to do it with me but he was too chicken.
  10. I have done it and I loved it! It is so beautiful to see the ocean while you are up in the air! I thought it was a great feeling and I would love to go again!
  11. tried once and loved it!
  12. I have done it about 4 times... it is really peaceful and really a nice view of where you are. In Aruba it would be a great view! There is tandem parasailing, so you could do it with DD if PHH doesn't want to do it! I would recommend it :yes:
  13. if it is the parashoot attached to the boat - yes absolutely. I was 8, saw that on a beach in Italy on hols, and just had to do it. my parents tried to discourage me but I was dead set at the time (over 20 years ago) this was not common for a kid so the WHOLE beach came together to see me do that. (hahaha) absolutely brilliant. you don't feel the height, especially bec you know there is the boat, somehow makes you feel relaxed.
    i loved it and would do it again but I think it would spoil my first, superamazing experience. i say go for it!
  14. You should do it!!! It was so much fun.....I want to do it again.
  15. very fun! not scary at it!