Anyone ever done a bank-wire transfer to let-trade for an LV bag?

  1. I know let-trade is a trusted seller but I am curious if anyone has ever done a bank wire transfer with them?

    how does that work? I have no idea. Is that where you go to Western Union or something.

    Please clue me in. I am curious. There auctions say that they accept paypal, international money orders or bank transfers.

    Also where do you buy an international money order??
  2. I always used paypal. But, I think you would process the wire at your bank. LT would need to give you their account number and I think there's a fee to wire the money. Hope that helps.
  3. I have. I went to the bank & filled out a form. It took a while to get through, several days. I got the bank# from Let-Trade. It was fairly easy. They should know exactly what to do at your bank. Let trade sent me an email with all the info.
  4. I don't know about bank transfers, but I know that Western Union constitutes as an international money order (at least for me). I used a Western Union money order for a seller in Canada; she was able to cash it without problems. Western Union can be bought at your local grocery store...and possibly other places like K-Mart or 7-11 (or was it Circle K? I don't remember).

    You can also get an international money order from the post office. Be sure you ask for an INTERNATIONAL money order; it should look pink, I think.
  5. Oh, I forgot to ad that I copied the email & took that to the bank containing the bank acct. #'s. Hope this helps.
  6. A bank transfer will definitely be much more cheaper than western union.

  7. I see. Thanks.^^

    Is it safe to do someting like that??

    So a bank wire transfer means that you can't pay from your credit card, right? :shame:

  8. It is not as safe as Paypal (meaning it can be difficult to gain a refund if using this method)....I have done it a few times and you have to pay a fee when sending and they pay a fee when it is credited into their nominated bank is a cash transfer rather than a CC one.
  9. Ooops, forgot to mention that buying a western union money order constitutes as an international money order (I didn't mean that the transfer counts as an international money order). However, it depends whether the money order can be accepted at a corresponding bank in the country. Sorry for the confusion!
  10. I have emailed then about a price and they prefere a bank transfer even if you have a us confirmed address with paypal I don't know why :shrugs:

    If you saw something you like you should go ahead LT is a good seller.

    If you are more confortable to pay via paypal just ask them.
  11. Ok ladies this is the deal.

    Bank transfers (or telegraphic transfers) are funds that you transfer from your bank account or credit card through your own financial institution, its just like a domestic funds transfer but International. There is a cost involved for the sender and I believe depending on the bank and the country a small charge on the receiving end.

    Let trade and possibly many others ask for a wire-transfer rather than paypal simply because paypal charges them an additional fee (I think its somewhere around 10%). So they're happy to give you a discount if you transfer the money across. It is still the same pretty much, except I don't think you're covered by paypal protection (I'm fairly new to paypal so correct me if I'm wrong).

    And just for the record I did a wire transfer to let-trade with no issues:flowers:
  12. That's good to know but paypal is always safer whatever hapened.
  13. The thing about PAYPAL is that you're protected if something happens.

    if you do a bank tranfer and something happen then what? You're pretty much screwed right? :shrugs: Just wondering
  14. :yes:

    I would say always only wire-transfer to a seller that you trust.
  15. You can dispute it with your bank, but it is a LONG and EXTREMELY TEDIOUS procedure, as they need to get in touch with the international financial institution etc. It can sometimes take weeks and more often MONTHS. So, as I said, wire-transfer only to a seller you trust.