Anyone else?

  1. Out of curiosity, are you asked to register at every LV boutique that you purchase from? Whenever I stray from my usual boutique I am asked to register in their system before purchasing. I thought that their system was linked with every other store, so why am I taking the time to provide my information every visit? Is this the case for any of you?
  2. I thought they were all linked.
  3. That's interesting ... no they didn't ask me to do that when I've gone to a few different ones lately.
  4. Hmm, I thought the elux and boutique systems were separate but that the boutique systems were all one.
  5. Perhaps they are just taking down your name as they do not recognise it so they can log your purchases under your account? :confused1:
  6. Next time they ask, tell them you are alrady in the system, so they look you up. This is the reponse I give when I order over the phone from an out of state LV boutique.
  7. Hmm.. I always go to the same LV boutique, so they just ask me for my last name and zip code.
  8. the SA did ask me and i told her i've purchase history with another store ... i was still registered again lol
  9. Maybe it's so the SA has you on his/her list of clients for future client development?
  10. I always mention that I am on the list already and they look me up. Before I did this there was more than one entry for my name and my purchase history was spread between 2 accounts, it became very confusing when trying to track certain things for returns or warranty issues etc.

    I would ask them to look you up rather than add you since you already exist in the system. Now that I do that they look up my name and can find me instantly and the stores that I have been (in the lower 48 states, international I am not sure)are all linked.
  11. i asked an s.a in south coast plaza he told me that LV system is not centralized beacuse there are lots of lv stores like the main store and sub-stores inside nm/Saks etc.
  12. I have both a free standing LV boutique and an LV in Saks (in my city) and their systems are linked. I was told by a manager that the systems are linked with the exception of HI, because they are included in a region with Japan not the United States. It is easy to believe there are conflicting reports though as many SAs often have varied info as is demonstrated on tpf on a daily basis. LOL! So speaking only from my experience from shopping in over 10 LV stores in the continental US, my information has always been linked and shows up in each store, from AZ to NY.