Anyone else think the color is off?

  1. Ok, maybe its just my computer, but I am starting to not trust my own eyes when I see something on For example - we have had the discussion about the Pond color being soft and pale on and in real life being just a bit lighter than the turquoise color. Now I am having the same issue with the citron color they introduced in the canvas lines. Online is is bright and yellow and cheery - and in the boutique it is a very weird yellowish green color. I would be soooo shocked if I ordered it just from the website. Do you think Coach is photographing preproduction items and then the color kind of gets lost in translation??? Is it just me????
  2. i dont think its your computer. the pear looked a lot "brighter" online than it is in person.
  3. i think sometimes it's a difference in lighting, you know? (you're looking in the store under florescent lighting vs at home under natural light or whatever. it makes a difference).

    or the fact that what is shown online isn't the final version.
  4. The color does tend to be a little off online. Maybe it's because different monitors see things differently. It is frustrating, isn't it?
  5. I think they'd do well to photograph the final production versions of bags! It wouldn't make sense to do anything else; it is false advertising. I wonder how many items they receive as returns due to dissatisfaction with the color!
  6. I ordered the same bag (the slim flap in citron) i had a feeling it would be a greenish color (citron is french for lemon) but ordered it anyway... wish i had ordered the white/brown because it is TDF in person