Anyone else love New Look shoes?

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  1. I went to New Look yesterday and fell in love with their shoes! They're super comfortable and made of the best quality in their price range. I got several pairs of heels and thought I'd share some of them. I couldn't decide on the fuschia or blue heels so thought I'd get both! What do you think?
    IMG_0747 (Small).JPG IMG_0753 (Small).JPG IMG_0777 (Small).JPG IMG_0780 (Small).JPG
  2. I love the shoes, but have never heard of New Look. Tell us more...
  3. I looooooove New Look banana flats! Sadly, I don't live anywhere NEAR England, so whenever I hear someone's going there, I ask them to get me a pair haha. They should really do international shipping lol.
  4. Hi!

    I too have a few pairs of shoes from New Look, they have such a great variety and I tend to find that they have a higher comfort level then some of the other high street shops :smile:
    I do have a big soft spot for their flats which are wonderful for when I need to go to uni or pop into town for some bits.
  5. wooo it's nice to see someone talk about high street shoes on here. i love designer shoes but can only afford a few pairs, the majority of my shoes are high street. i love new look heels but they are cheap so get ruined pretty quickly. they're great for trendy shoes that will only get a few wears though.

    talking of high street shoes though, i got these babies from topshop the other day:

    i'm in love.
  6. Annemerrik, Elsie 87 pretty much covered New Look shoes. They've been known for winning awards for comfort/style and for a great price so they're great for trendy items or classics. Admittedly, they sometimes borrow heavily from styles of designer shoes but they have their own styles too. Some people claim they fall apart quickly but all the pairs I've bought have lasted me a long time and I'm pretty destructive when it comes to shoes!

    , surprisingly I've never tried their flats although my friends have several pairs and love them! Looks like another visit in order ;)

    Chromatopelma, I love their variety too. I always manage to find the perfect shoes for work or evenings!

    tie-a-ribbon, I love designer shoes too but find that I manage to ruin them pretty quickly so it's not worth the angst! New Look heels have been surprisingly durable for me. Love the shade of your Topshop heels. How's the comfort level? I bought a pair of Topshop heels but only wore them a couple of times.
  7. When I'm in London I always buy a pair from New Look, I love them. I'd keep the blue heels, but to be honest I like everything you posted!:tup:
  8. not really sure about the comfort level, i'm still kind of wobbly on them so i've only walked around the house in them a few times. determined to actually be brave and wear them out at some point though lol!

    a lot of my new look shoes get trashed really quickly and i always managed to get the heels scuffed. that's probably due to the way i treat them though, not the quality- i don't care for my shoes as well as i should. i love their flats though, i have new look flats that have outlived jimmy choo ones lol
  9. Comfort? New Look heels are some of the worst I've ever worn, mostly cheap materials used.. Some of them are very nice looking, but totally my experience anyway.
  10. Sorry to be picky Nessahhh but New Look is a British store not an English store! There are 4 countries in Britain.. Sorry Scottish chip on the shoulder :P

    As for New Look shoes they are my guilty pleasure!! I got a pair of real leather gladiator platforms that girls have practically fainted over in the ladies. They were around £45 and have outlived many a pair of £450 shoes!! Plus they only had them in a few stores so no-one really has them. Such a find!! And I think they are as comfortable as 5 inch heels can be.. But I'm a bit of a heel vet, think my feet are numb to pain!
  11. I have some new look shoes. Some are more comfortable than others but in general they are pretty bargainous and comfier than a lot of cheaper shoes.
  12. i love new look shoes, great for dressing up an outfit cheap! i have sooo many pairs from there i cant even imagine! id say about half my collection is heels from there! in my experience they have held together pretty well, alot are scuffed but only because im a clutz, drunk and sober! so i tend to fall over alot and scuff them!
  13. lily25, thanks!

    tie-a-ribbon, the discomfort is what kept me from wearing them. I hate it when my cheaper shoes outlive the designer ones! That's why I only buy select designers now. Not worth the $$$ to be ruined so quickly!

    poshchick, it always fascinates me how different people's experiences with shoes are. I know I give up searching if I repeatedly find a brand's shoes uncomfortable.

    LoubouLush, that's how I've found it to be :smile:

    AnyoneforPimms, sorry! British! I always get them muddled. The shoes you got look great! I tried them on but the square bit in the front hurt my feet. I got these instead:

    gucci_girl_gg I only have a few pairs so far but yeah, they've held up well!