Anyone else love Animal Planet?

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  1. I love that channel... I'm usually watching something on Animal Planet. Anyone else a fan? I think the shows are so interesting and educational as well. :yes:
  2. I do!! Lol I looove animal planet, I especially love that show "Growing up..." when they showe the baby animals being raised. Its soooo cute.
  3. LOOOOOVE Animal Planet!!
  4. I love that network. There was this one show that i liked to watch! not sure if it comes on. Its like the human version of "Cops"

    Animal Rescue? Not sure of the name, it was where the animal police would rescue animals from endangered homes.

    I just love all cop shows
  5. Yes, Animal Cops is my one of my favorites, but the show I have to watch is Its me or the Dog, with Victoria. She's so fabulous with her knee high leather boots, and she has practical, useful tips to help control your dog.
  6. Love it! I really like Escape to Chimp Eden and Big Cat Diary (toto is so cute!). The chimps have amazing stories and it is really cool to watch that guy interact w/ them.

    I am also a HUGE History Channel lover. Some of the programs on the History Channel are awesome!
  7. I love Animal Planet. My 3 pugs do too. They love to watch TV.
  8. Sorry for the double post.
  9. I absolutely LOVE the Animal Planet (: tehe
  10. Animal Cops is good but I have to limit my viewing of it because I almost always end up in tears:s
  11. Yes! it was Animal Cops!

    Sometimes I wish those bad owners would go to jail for real.
  12. Yeah..I used to watch it often, but I don't anymore because it's so upsetting. I like Animal Precinct best of the animal cop shows.

    I :heart:animal planet.:yes:
  13. Ah yes, Big Cat diary! That show is amazing... esp the lion and cheetah cubs, they're sooo adorable.
  14. i like it but it seem they are recycling animal cops...
  15. Animal Cops used to be good... I prefer Animal Precinct over that. Escape to Chimp Eden is another good show too... anyone else watch the Most Extreme? Now THAT is an interesting program!