anyone else like Aromaleigh Mineral Makeup? and other MMU brands?

  1. I try a lot of different brands of makeup and was excited they had their new holiday kits out Their new eyeshadow kits look interesting that they're using metals such as copper, bronze, and other metals to pigment these new shadows which seems interesting and new. I ended up buying naughty and nice kits.

    I was just wondering because I see a lot of different brands on here of other MMU brands but haven't seen this one talked about. I wanted to see for those who use MMU which brands they have tried and what is the highlight of that brand

    My least favorite MMU is probably BE. It wears off way too easily and the coloring isn't too pigmented and not many matches. I think of BE as a bleh brand in terms of MMU.

    I love everyday minerals for their foundation and cover up and this one particular blush color I love! I actually want to try some other products from this brand after a recoup from spending so much money from the Sephora F&F, RM bags, and now Aromaleigh that I bought today :sad:

    And Aromaleigh has the BEST selection of mineral eye shadows I've tried and also great finishing powders. I also like their glissade foundation powder in winter.

    I promise I'm not associated with the brand lol
  2. Thanks for the info! I love mineral makeup, and like checking out other brands. (I actually love BE-hehe). Heading over to that website now!
  3. Yeah I love checking out other brands as well! I tried this one brand before which I didn't care for so it's interesting to get other people favorite brands. I think the other brand was called Pure Luxe? The site was horrible navigation but it was real CHEAP but cheap isn't always best...

    I used to like BE. Note used to but than since experimenting found other brands that work better for less like Everyday Minerals. You should check out aromaleighs forum if you have questions. Their lipbalms are really nice too chock full of good ingredients. I bought a ton for some friends of mine who love coffee in their java flavor. I like AL because they have different eyeshadows from matte to pearls and also some really intense shades. Most mineral MU have neutral which is why I like AL for some intense standout shades.

    I love MMU in general though because it lasts FOREVER... I actually still have my BE from two years ago lol but should probably chuck it out and use my fresh stuff.
  4. I checked it out. I do like the eyeshadows for a change up and the lip balms look good. I'll keep you posted if I order anything.

    I've looked into everyday minerals, and am planning to order from them next time I need to get foundation. I want to try their sample kit.

    I've tried Illuminaire as well--liquid minerals. Was fantastic coverage and an impeccable finish. I liked the foundation and the blush, but can't be bothered with trying to use liquid at 5 am everyday! I tended to use it for times when I would be photographed. It didn't cast that "mineral glow" you get in photos from mineral powders.

    GloMinerals is a really great line. They make loose, pressed, and liquid minerals. I liked the ease of use of the pressed mineral compact, but it would often look heavy if applied with the puff. I used a brush for a softer finish. Their lipglosses are fantastic!

    I also give MMU a huge thumbs up! My skin is so much better looking because of it and since their are zero preservatives in it--it's shelf life is longer than traditional makeup. (I do think 2 years might be a little scary to use though--unload it and use your new stuff!).
  5. Oh Everyday Minerals I think is one of the best foundations. Their samples are really generous and last a long time and give you time to think whether you want any more. Comparing it to BE I think you might like it more because of color match. They also have great concealer and their blush I find to be long lasting.

    I have to say I still use liquid on rush days. I find it quicker than minerals and for that I stick to Almay or Loreal. Other brands give me breakouts.

    yeah I really do need to chuck me BE. It is pretty old lol I can't believe I still have that stuff left. I remember on a BE commercial how they said it lasts forever and doesn't technically expire but I still wouldn't trust that stuff.
  6. I've used Pur Minerals for years and really like it.