Anyone else have clothes unworn w/ the tags still on?

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  1. After looking at the closet thread, I went into my closet and realized about 10% of the clothes and accessories in there are unworn with tags still hanging. I don't know why i buy things and then don't wear them. I was looking at a sweater I got at least 3 years ago. It's cute. I bought it in black and raspberry. I've worn the black one a few times but the other one is there hanging in the closet with the tags still on. 3 years later! Not to mention the purses and shoes. I was wondering, does anyone else do this?
  2. I have a few items of clothing like that... but not too many. 10-20 or so maybe?
  3. OMG, I have atleast 25% of new with tage shoes and clothes. ITS BAD!!!
  4. I only have a couple of items with tags still on.
  5. Yes this would be me. The problem is that I buy these really nice dresses. Which is great, except I don't have the type of social life where I can wear these dresses to.:confused1: So they just hang there sadly in my closet. Makes no sense I know...
  6. About 1/2 my clothes still have tags on them *eep*

  7. ^^^ Ditto

    Don't know why I do it. Intentions are always good...I plan on wearing these items...but somehow get lost in the closet. Then I get the idea of maybe selling on eBay. Of course, that doesn't happen, and wind up dropping it off at the local donation center...
  8. i always end up buying tons of new clothes during sales... and i never wear them all. i'm ont even sure how many unworn NWT clothes i have right now... at least 1/4, if not more.
  9. I have a bunch of clothing that is brand new and never been worn. Some have tags, but I mostly cut them off. I have every intention of wearing the item and never get around to it. So, now I have been trying to incorporate something that I have not worn in each of my outfits!
  10. I do have A LOT!LOL!!
    and just realized it last night when I was packing since i'm going to move in a month..
  11. Only a handful and that is just because I'm in the middle of making something to go with it. You know sometimes how you find the CUTEST blouse and you just don't have the skirt to match?
  12. Yes! Usually it's an impulse buy that I never work into my regular rotation of outfits.
  13. Several items with tags still connected, things in my closet and in my drawers. Fashion jewellery also.

  14. This is the freaking story of my life. Half of my clothes have tags, and half of those are like 2-3 yrs old.I think about all the money I wasted buying the clothes, then think about all the money I could have made off eBay, but all the thinking makes me tired and I end up donating it ALL to charity. I have to stop this!
  15. try 50% :sad: