Anyone else experience “Bag Guilt”? $2400.00 - Chanel Modern Chain vs. Suggestions?

  1. Anyone else experience “Bag Guilt”? $2400.00 - Chanel Modern Chain vs. Suggestions?

    I’ve really fallen in love with Chanel :love: and am going back and forth justify spending $2400.00 for an everyday bag and for some reason am getting a bad case of “Bag Guilt”:sad:

    Seems I could find a better usage for the money especially when I have a closet full of great bag?
    Does anyone here have any suggestions as to another great everyday bag with perhaps a lower price point?
    Thank you for your thoughts and input!

  2. If you can afford it and it would not create debt or take away funds from everyday necessities (i.e. rent/mortgage, food, gas, etc.) then go for it if you really :heart: it. We only live once!

    I'm sorry I can't offer any suggestions since I'm not familiar with Chanel or the style you're referring to. Let us know what you finally decide :yes:
  3. What do you need the bag for?
    If you will carry it over the next fifty years, then $2400 isn't that much... $48 a year! Don't you love amortized depriciation? It makes purses sound ever so much more reasonable...
    If you don't think you'll be as much in love with it in fifty, or even ten years, then look at other bags.
    Like with a SO, make sure you'll be happy before you commit to them. Even if they have a good return policy.

    For $600 less is the Cocker:

    If you are looking for something about half the cost is the medium veneta:

    I love the feel of BV leather.
  4. I don't have any other suggestions but I do get guilty sometimes of the price I pay for these purses when I know the money probably could've been saved for something better.
  5. Thats GREAT!

    I guess the real question should be - when and why did I become SO obsessive?:confused1: :confused1: :confused1:

    The money for the bag isn't taking away from anything else and I would pay cash so no CC debt, but I'm just having trouble justifying it. Maybe because I have several very very nice LV's and Jimmy Choo bags along with a new Chanel navy patent jumbo classic.
  6. Ah, human nature...we always want more. I know that I'm never satisfied even though I'm trying to learn to be content! It's so tough :push:
  7. I did the math, the other day. If I bought cheap purses, I'd spend $25 a bag, and they'd need to be replaced once a year.
    If I buy a nice purse, I don't need to replace it, the bag intimidates my enemies, I feel happier, and all is good in the world.
    I can get nice vintage designer bags for $250 or less. $1200 for every day bags.. If I carry the $250 bag for at least 10 years, it pays for itself. (assuming I didn't invest the $25) And if I added in the hours spent shopping v. with a therapist .... It would pay for itself in a year!
    Of course, once I had the bags I needed, i probably should have stopped buying... BUT... :smile: I'll get to that part next.
    There are many things you can do with your money. After you have lodging, education and reasonable nuitrition, Why not spend the money on bags?

    The real question is - Will the Chanel Modern Chain make you happy? Will it fill the gap in your wardrobe? and How would you feel if you didn't get it?
  8. No gaps in my wardrobe :p and I'm not sure how I would feel if I didn't get it.
  9. Maybe you can sell off some of the bags you don't use to make space for the Chanel? ;)
  10. Good thought, but even with that it seems like I should use some of the bags I have before spending another 2k on a bag :shrugs:
  11. Lisabags, what style of bag do you like? Hopefully, we can offer suggestions to you that you will like and will cost half of $2,400 or less! :smile:
  12. Thank you ..
    I'm looking for a good everyday classy bag that can be worn over the shoulder. I like easy access and prefer easy maintence (like not having to worry about LV vernis sensitive bags or vachetta)
    I do not like Coach, Gucci, Dior, marc Jacobs or B Bags.
    I'm currently using a couple Jimmy Choo bags - a patent ramona and leather Riki.
  13. What do you think of new designers like Kazuyo Nakano?

    Her Theodora, for instance?

    The white bag you see when you click on the above link.
  14. :yes: the Kazuyo line is cute -- thank you
  15. I get guilty all the time! Unfortunately it doesn't stop me

    It depends on how much you want this bag and if you really really really want it and it consumes your every waking moment then I would sell some that you have to ease the guilt - regardless of whether they have been used or not as that way you will have at least recouped some of the money