Anyone else carry a bag in a bag?

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  1. I finally found an arrangement that works for me, but I feel like a weirdo carrying so many bags inside a bag.

    My big bag is a longchamp le pliage.

    Inside I have

    a dslr in a carrying sleeve
    my favorite mm with my wallet stuff and the long strap tucked inside
    a cosmetic bag with things for sanitizer mints and thats where i put my phone and ipad when using the tote
    a laptop sleeve during work days.

    Am I a weirdo for doing this? or am I a weirdo for worrying that I'm weird in doing this??
  2. I carry pouches inside bags.
    Keep lining clean & allow for easy bag switching.
    On days don't need "pens & notebook" pouch, leave behind.
    Easy to edit.

    Carry true bag inside bag when traveling.
    Fold-away, lightweight tote.
    Sometimes carry plastic bag as rain shield. But not often.
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    Last edited: Jun 2, 2016
    I usually have a spare foldable shopping tote in my bag, and when I travel I might stash a Le Pliage in my bag. If not, then I probably have a mini crossbody or clutch in there.
  4. Same here!
  5. Depends on what I'm doing.
    If I am at work with a huge bag, I'll have a wallet on chain or clutch in my bag should I just want to leave the tote.

    For travel, lots of little bags in my bag! Wallet on chain, smaller LP. The bigger bag becomes a shopping bag to hold new treasures or groceries, then the smaller LP / WOC becomes my purse.
  6. In an attempt to cut down on disposable shopping bags, a law was just passed in my area that dictates that if you buy something and need a bag, the store can't just give you a bag -- it has to sell you one for 10 cents. Ten cents isn't a lot, but it makes you realize just how many disposable bags you go through! Now, I carry an Envirosax bag in whatever bag I'm carrying.

    I've also been loving the idea of carry a wallet on a chain for essentials and chucking it in a Longchamp or a backpack when I need a bigger bag. This makes no sense since I sold my WOC years ago because it didn't work for me (way too small) and I've NEVER been a backpack person! So I'm waiting for particular obsession to fade away!
  7. I do this, and it's why I'm having trouble buying a new small bag--I like to carry my smaller bag around in my work/school bag, that way if I'm going to lunch or from class to a date or something, I can just leave my work bag at my desk or in the car. Of course, it gets beat up that way, so I'm having trouble justifying the purchase of my first high-end going-out bag!
  8. I carry my favourite mm or prada woc inside my neverfull mm quite a lot!
  9. I do this. I don't think it's weird at all. I consider the LC pliage as a tote/carry-all so it's not strange since you have the other bag INSIDE it. Even carrying a tote or laptop bag AND a purse is not strange.

    IMO, it's odd to carry two handbags at the same time. I believe that was the trend in 2014/2015 when Chanel started it.

  10. I agree! It looks so cumbersome to carry multiple bags separately. I often see women arriving to work carrying a purse, lunch bag, and work bag on their arms/shoulder. I like carrying smaller bags within a bigger tote.
  11. I carry a pochette with a wristlet (containing my phone, keys, credit card and ID) inside my tote bag. It's funny . . . for most errands, I grab the pochette and leave the tote in the car. Poor tote. It just wants some fresh air.
  12. For the work week, I take my trusty LC large tote with the usual work stuff, which includes my lunch bag & a wristlet. I also take my handbag. I appear to only be carrying my tote & handbag each day.
    If I leave for lunch, I take my key holder (that includes DL & debit card) along with my sunnies & phone with my wristlet, leaving my tote & handbag in the office.
    It works for me.
  13. Same for me, I use a tote for work which has my wristlet, a small key pouch and a medicine pouch just in case. I just take my wristlet out for lunch. If I bring lunch to work, I'll bring a separate lunch bag. There's nothing wrong in using bags in bags, it depends on how you like to be organised, works differently for everyone!
  14. I travel most weekends and put my handbag in my weekend bag always. Keeps me relatively hands free