Anyone else a size 4.5 ring size?

  1. I'm on the biggest ring kick, looking for a nice ring for myself, although I can't spend a ton of money so that may be why I have such a hard time finding my ring size.
    Size 5 seems to slip off, but size 4.5 seems non existent!

    Anyone else 4.5 for a ring size, and do you have as much trouble as I do finding your size?
    Is it something that should be expected to be custom fit? It's a shame though because I'm just looking for a cute inexpensive real gold ring for myself so I don't want to go crazy.
  2. Well, all my fingers have different measurements becuase instead of just wearing one ring on my 2nd finger, I like to wear like a ring on every finger and my hands and fingers are really small and skinny. My fourth finger is a size 4.5. I can never find rings that fit it. If I see a cute ring, most of the time the lowest size is a 5 or a 6, which is fine but will not fit my 4th finger. I haven't yet, but I think if you go to Tiffany's or any place that sells jewelry, you can get some rings tightened or custom fit.
  3. i have a size 3.75 . just bring the ring to any jewelry repair shop and they will resize it for about $10.just make sure that they won't mess up with your stone.
  4. Yes, I wear a size 4.5. My wedding rings had to be special ordered, because they could not size them down that much. This is mostly an issue with platinum, because it's such a hard metal.

    I've had rings made of gold or silver sized down many times--it's not a big deal. If the ring is quite large to begin with, sometimes the result is not quite round--especially if the top of the ring is quite wide.

    It would be a good idea to speak with a jeweller and ask what can and cannot be sized, once you choose some ring styles. Best of luck! :smile:
  5. I'm a 4.5 also. My engagement ring and wedding band were both custom made, but for all my other rings, I buy a 5 and have it sized down. It's only about $10-15, as another poster stated. I always wear gold b/c sterling can't be sized and they usually don't have half sizes in Sterling (unless you buy it from Tiffany's!)
  6. me me me!!! it's my right hand ring finger...I always have a hard time findin fashion jewellry, but when i go to the jewellry store they always resize for me.
  7. I'm a size 4.25 (ring finger) and have never had a problem. The jeweller usually sizes it the first time for free.
  8. My wedding band had to be special ordered at a size 4.75!
    I usually have to get my rings sized by the jewler.. and it only costs around $10.
  9. I wear a size 4 and my jeweler was able to size both my platinum and engagement ring.
  10. I'm a 3 on my left hand and a 3.5 on my's impossible to find rings to fit so I've special ordered most of my ring finger rings. Anything I buy off the shelf so to say usually only goes as small as a 5 and that will fit my pointer finger or my thumb......