Anyone bought a Blush Metallic Stam from a Marc Jacobs boutique??

  1. I have two MJ blush Metallic stams. I don't want either. One from the MJ boutique and another from Nordies...I'll be returning the Nordies one, but I want to return the one from MJ too and it seems I might not be able to. When I saw it...I said I loved it, but after getting the Nordies one I changed my mind....I've already listed the one bought at Nordies...if It doesn't sell I'll return it, it's just an hour and a half to I was gonna try and avoid that.

    Anyone bought a Blush Metallic Stam from a Marc Jacobs Boutique??

    How is their return policy?? Do you have to have a receipt?? and if you don't will they allow you to return the bag?? or no??

  2. The Marc Jacobs boutiques do not allow returns. If there is a defect in the bag I believe you have 10 days to return it for store credit.
  3. ahhh ok...thanks Melly
  4. ^^ called MJ and they said they accept returns but with a receipt only or the name of the person who bought it...i have I guess i'm skrewed!
  5. just curious - why did you buy two of the same color Stam bags?
  6. Odd, it was always my understanding that they did not accept returns. Thanks for the info.

    Why wouldn't you have the receipt or the name of the person who purchased it? Are you trying to return a bag you bought on eBay to the MJ boutique? :confused1: Maybe you should just try reselling it on eBay.

  7. i bought one and got one as a gift
  8. it's alright...i've decided to return the nordies one and keep the mj one...thanks anyway but it'll be spring soon and i'll be looking for a cute a fiend and now i will already have a cute this will work afterall
  9. but if you got one as a gift, then you know the name it was purchased under. maybe they can do a store credit for you?
  10. yeah...but i've decided i'll keep's a stam after all and i'll sell/return the other and just sell my teal mayfair
  11. Just saw your listing on eBay - and the bag looks gorgeous! Very unusual colour, but a stunning colour for spring & summer! Hope you won't regret keeping one - don't think I would :flowers:
  12.'ll just make one less purchase this's all good....i was kinda jonesin for a metallic bag and now i'll keep one