Anyone been to RedDoor Salon?

  1. Anyone been to a Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon? A few of us family members are thinking of making a day at one but I wanted to see what feedback is on this?
  2. It looks great. I haven't been there but maybe go on to see others reviews.
  3. I went once a long time ago to get a tan before going to a wedding. I am fair skinned. It came out streaky/blotchy in several areas. I really wasn't happy with it at all. I don't know if they have improved the process. When I went they exfoilated my skin then applied a tanning lotion and put a fan on me to help it dry.
  4. I went in Chicago...I really liked it.
  5. Yes, I went NYC, Fifth ave store...Always wanted to go "behind" the red door and it was a fun time. Had a facial and spent way too much money on skin care product!! I would recommend!
  6. I love Red Door. I go AT LEAST once a month. If you have any questions let me know.
  7. elongreach, what services would you recommend? i've only been there for a manicure (it was wonderful!). i'm thinking of treating myself and need some recommendations.
  8. I used to go there about 5 years ago, to get my hair colored until my colorist left. It is very nice. I have also had massages, facials, etc.
  9. I love Red Door, I go everytime I get to Tucson- unfortunately, none in Miami! great massages!!! Of course, pricey!!!