anyone around for a reveal??

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  1. is anyone around for a reveal... just bought @ LV store!!! Fav purchase so far....:graucho::biggrin::P
  2. Here!!!!
  3. I'm here...we need cheering up in the UK it hasn't stopped raining :rain:
  4. Me to
  5. open open :wave:
  6. here
  7. here it is!!!! :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:
    4.jpg charm.JPG beigep1.JPG
  8. i am in love!!!! :heart::heart::heart::loveeyes::loveeyes:
  9. Oh wow, what a beautiful color! Love the charm too, they look great together!!! Congrats :smile:
  10. I love it,congrats!!
  11. Beautiful, classic shape and lovely colour!
  12. thank you! I figured i could use the charm on other bags too so why not?! :smile:
  13. Oh wow gorgeous!!
  14. thank you!:smile:
  15. thank you!!:biggrin: