Anybody try ?

  1. If so, what do you think? Just ran across it the other day...
  2. One of my former co-workers used it a few times.
    She told me that when she got her jewellry appraised, it was worth like 3x what she paid.
    I don't know how true that is, but just thought I'd share.
  3. ^^^ interesting? Did you ever see the jewelery?
  4. im bumping this cuz ive just come across the webste.. my friend just bought a necklace .5 carat and its hot.. its a single stone and it looks lovely and she paid 300$ she also bought her husband a techno master watch thats retial worth apparently is 1600 she pairs 125... it looks good.. ive just bid on something cuz her stuff looked great.. anyone else use it?
  5. I am curious about this site as well - thoughts?
  6. Has anybody made a purchase from I see it advertised on a lot of websites and been on it a few times for a quick look around.

    I have a feeling it cant be trusted though and some of the prices too good to be true.

    I havent really shopped on a site like before so wondered if anybody had any experience with them?

  7. I bought a ring there once - it was a good price, and I got it without a problem. The one thing I did notice is that on anything where the price looks too goo to be true, if you bid, you can bet you'll be WAYYYYY outbid before the auction ends. Not sure how it works - probably like schill bidding on eBay. So it's kind of hard to win anything at a bargain price.

    That said, my McAfee virus software had an absolute fit every time I log in. So there must be something fishy going on - it comes up as a red site (most reputable sites are green, and some questionable ones are yellow). Use with caution, I guess.
  8. Eeeek! I did a few times. Fortunately, I knew better than too bid too much. You can't see what it is you're really bidding on. Only stock photos. You better know stone quality and their value. They do returns, but I must have run into the nastiest CS person ever. It can be good, but be careful.