Anybody shaves???

  1. Hey girls, i was just thinking the other day if shaving is a good for me?? What are the pros and cons ?? Felt like defuzzing my hair and nether regions. Lols. And any other things that i might wanna look out for?? Moisturise the area or any other tips? Thanks!!
  2. Don't shave! Your hairs will look darker and thicker when they grow out. Pluck, wax or thread instead depending on the area. ^_^
  3. I just shave my legs and underarms. nether regions is wax.

    Nether regions i suggest waxing, no/less ingrowns and hair grows back slower
  4. I HATE hair. I am a freak about it. I practically shave and wax EVERY part of my body including my arms! I only hair hair on my head, eyebrows and lashes. Okay probably TMI. LOL Shaving is okay for the legs but waxing makes everything so much smoother!
  5. That's actually not true. When you feel stubble is just seems darker and coarser.

    I'm like Syntagma! I hate hair so I get rid of it all except my hair, eyelashes, eyebrows...
  6. I don't like to wax or epilate bacause I get lots of ingrown hairs. So I do shave.
  7. i shave only my legs, underarms and yes... 'nether' regions. but i don't get in grown hairs or anything like that. i think its just family genetics, but my hair doesn't grow back thick or fast... it actually stays smooth for a really long time and my best friend gets so jealous bc her legs are so hairy and she even has to pluck them. >.< it looked very painful but hey, we gotta do what we gotta do right??
  8. Okay not sure how true this is but it makes sense. I heard that if you shave it exfoliates your skin and long-term waxing breaks down the collegen in your skin and it can sag sooner than it should!?! :wtf:

    Also, you can not wax if you are on Retin-a. So that's a consideration as well.

    This thread has really gotten me thinking about permanent hair removal!!
  9. I shave everywhere because my blonde hair is very fine and I don't have a problem with course, dark hair or ingrowns...or even bumps for that matter. I've never waxed.
    My friend had permanent hair removal and it didn't work...thousands of dollars later.
  10. So true, and we girls have to go through so much pain just to look nice and smooth!! Lols. Thanks for all the input.. still considering...

  11. And I heard it was very painful as well?? :shrugs:
  12. Yeah, she said it wasn't too bad. I think the worse part was the Nurse shaving her before each can get the picture:nuts: .
  13. AHH LOL :roflmfao:
  14. I shave my legs & underarms and when I'm in the mood, I'll shave my "nether" (as you all like to call them) regions too. I tend to leave the hair down there in place for hygene and health reasons and it's not like I've got some wild jungle anyway, I have very little hair down there...Bart doesn't have to "search".

    Maybe it's a European thing for men to "accept it"? IDK, I just remember that I didn't shave once for my exboyfriend in the US and he refused to have sex with me. :s
  15. ^Now that's shallow...

    A female friend of mine has some blonde hair on her toes, especialy on the big toes, and one summer day at the pool a male friend of hers "suggested" her to shave it.