anybody live in paris and feel like doing some enabling?

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  1. i'm interested in something from a paris re-seller, but they don't ship. :crybaby:

    is there a tPF'er in paris who might be able to pick it up an mail it to me? i'll pay for this kind service, of course -- cash or hermes gift cards! :graucho:
  2. They dont ship? Mon Dieu!!! ZUT!
  3. Pls check your inbox dear
  4. Yay Ff!!!!
  5. Gee this tpf is a great place :love:
  6. Pfff! These resellers! Check your PMbox.
  7. Flossy is one of the best enablers around! :heart:

    DQ, can you give us any hints? Whatcha getting? :nuts:
  8. yes, i'm allverklempt. :crybaby:

    ninja sue, it's not definite yet and i don't want to jinx myself . . . just a couple more days, though!
  9. DQ, all the best to you.
  10. what? you're not going to use this as the PERFECT reason to hop a plane to paris? right back honey I'm just going out to pick something up...
  11. i did check airfares. :shame:
  12. Hi

    I travel to Paris fairly frequently, I live in England
    would they ship to england as we are EU,
    also I have a good friend in Paris that maybe able to help

    I know your frustration I flew to Paris for just one day to collect some hermes for one of my clients in London

    hope you get some joy
  13. DQ.. Good luck to you.. cant wait to see whats your next purchase!!
  14. Yes, good luck. My DH was saying that we need some pfers from France just the other day.
  15. These types of threads we do not allow, because it is asking for someone to help buy etc.

    Sorry all!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.