Anybody know when the new grape balenciagas can be reserved?

  1. Hey guys,

    im depressed! I was bidding on eBay for this eggplant balenciaga city and i lost. =( So what do i do? I immediately call BAL NY to see if I can put my down for the grape and the SA says it won't be out for a couple of months and that there is no avail. waitlist yet? Anybody know when you can waitlist? Thanks!
  2. Do they not make the grape in the reg. city with reg. hardware? all it says on there is runway giant city. does that mean its the SH or the GH?
    loony, do you have experience ordering there? is there tax, shipping and customs? let me know, thanks!
  3. You should be able to waitlist and BalNY. Call back and talk to someone else. I would recommend Kim or Daphne.
  4. I can confirm that they only do giant. It seems they are not interested in regular HW anymore:sad:

    I don't know anything about the shipping experience to outside Europe though, but a few members in the US bought from them.
  5. BTW, I lost on the eggplant city too. For a few dollars. You're in good company.:rolleyes:
  6. really trauma? when i lost, i was kind glad i did b/c i wasn't sure it was worth it, esp. with the grape coming out. I don't want to pay double for a used bag, no matter what condition its in. (Well at least thats how i can rationalize my loss) =(

    Yea the SA was definately not helpful. he just said no waitlists yet. O yea, would you have to pay and put a credit card down to put your name on waitlist?

    thnx for the 411 guys!
  7. i lost the eggplant city too!! the money it would have cost would have been a bag and possibly a clutch. maybe its a sign to get both :yes:
  8. yes! im putting myself on waitlist for the grape and i just bought the marc jacob studded tote just now in black. im glad. -)
  9. That is really strange Foxy:confused1: I have been on the waitlist for some time now(over a month now). I would say call back again, I think who ever you talked to has no idea what he is talking about.
  10. yes, there is a waitlist.. but it started early last month if I rem correctly..but they may have closed it once they get a certain number on the list? best to call and check..
  11. there is another eggplant city on eBay.. from a pfer!

    oh gosh i hope it is ok for me to post this..! still not entirely clear on the new rules
  12. :crybaby: I want to know too~ I'm looking for the violet city in RH!!! Do anyone know where I can pre-order one?

    Thanks :heart:
  13. this is a joke i am on a waitlist for a grape weekender and have an email with confirmation about it from Terry in BalNY. Call and ask to speak to her specifically , she should be able to help you ! She is a lovely lady!
  14. Deffinitely call Balenciaga, NY and check with Daphne or Kim, and if they're not in, ask for a store manager. There is deffinitely a waitlist, and like others here I have been on it for a month now for a Grape First and City, and a Marigold Makeup Clutch. Possibly the sa you spoke to worded it incorrectly, and the waitlists are now closed because they have reached the limit for the amount of bags they have coming in. And no you do not need to put any money down when you are put on the list. Good luck and let us know what you find out at Bal.
    A note on the 04 Eggplant...I had a City once, and although it is a very pretty color, it was too dark for my personal taste. So I am really hoping Grape will be the perfect purple for me! I paid $1795 for mine back in Dec 06, and I know it is all a matter of how high a certain buyer is willing to go for a coveted bag, but paying over $2,000 with Grape coming out in a couple of weeks seems too expensive. But again that is my personal opinion, and if a gal wants a certain bag bad enough, and she has the money, well then that's great for her!